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Dead Space Developer Hiring Hands for a New IP

by Ron Duwell | December 10, 2013December 10, 2013 6:30 pm PST

Dead Space

Dead Space 3 didn’t blow the gaming world away, nor did its mediocre sales exactly impress publisher EA. There is no denying that a bunch of talented guys work at Visceral Games, though, and rather that just restrict them to work on guaranteed sellers like Star Wars games, EA seems to have given them a new chance with a fresh IP.

IGN spotted a job listings on EA’s website for Visceral Games claiming that the studio is looking for people to “contribute creatively to an exciting new IP.” More specifically, it is looking for an Environment Artist to carve out the new world of its fresh franchise and be able to work with the programmers to make the game fun.

Visceral Games is already heading up its own Star Wars project under EA and Disney’s exclusive deal, but nothing about a new franchise has been mentioned yet. In response, all EA had to say was “We have nothing to announce or add to the job listings.”

Jot me down as excited. Visceral Games and the first two Dead Space titles defied the odds of overcoming its “designed by committee” appearance and proved to be a marvelous duo of games which took classic genre heavyweights like Resident Evil to the cleaners. Dead Space 3 might not have done any favors for them, but it’s hard to blame them for being pressured to make changes and conform to the modern gaming trends.

That’s just the way talented studios have to survive, I guess.

I have no doubt that this new game will be just as special. Can’t wait to see what it is.


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