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Elijah Wood Joins the Cast of Double Fine’s Broken Age

by Ron Duwell | December 9, 2013December 9, 2013 7:30 pm PST


While it might have seemed that Double Fine had been getting a little too overambitious with the Kickstarter money it pulled in for Broken Age, here is another bright spot in the budgeting. Elijah Wood will be joining the voice acting cast, playing the character Shay.

Double Fine boss Tim Schafer revealed Wood’s involvement during Spike’s VGX Award show over the weekend. The Lord of the Rings actor joins Jack Black and Jennifer Hale, two veterans of Double Fine’s previous works.

Schafer also reminded the crowd that the first half of Broken Age will be available on Steam Early Access in January, and that the following half would be coming shortly after.

Anybody still up for Broken Age these days? It’s going to be huge for Kickstarter should it become a success

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