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EA Gives $1.65 Million to American Cancer Society

by Ron Duwell | December 9, 2013December 9, 2013 6:30 pm PST

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EA has delivered a nice big check to the American Cancer Society with the money raised from the Humble Origin Bundle. COO Peter Moore tweeted a photo of the check delivery, giving the society $1.65 million of the $10 million made through the Bundle.

Peter Moore has been doing his best to keep EA from winning the Golden Poo for Worst Company in America for the third consecutive years in The Economist. He promised the company could do better, despite deflecting blame on his audience, and seems to really want to get the company back on the right track.

Has EA done enough over the last year to shift the tide of its reputation? It’s been a relatively low key all year, and it only has promising titles lined up for the next-gen consoles. What do you think?

Peter Moore

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