Apple App Store Tops 1 Million iOS Apps in U.S.

by Todd Haselton | December 9, 2013


In October, Apple CEO Tim Cook confirmed that the Apple iTunes App Store had hit a new milestone and was now home to more than 1 million iOS apps globally. Now, the U.S. iTunes App Store has also hit that new milestone, according to estimates from one firm.

Appsfire recently noticed that the U.S. app store surpassed 1 million applications, and the data was confirmed by MacRumors which tracks the applications separately. Appsfire also said there are now 473,000 applications optimized for use on the iPad. According to a similar tracking company for Android apps, there are now more than 879,506 apps available for Google’s competing platform, which shows that it’s catching up at a super rapid pace.

Apple’s iPad has certainly made it easier for developers to create apps for tablets, however, while Android still lags far behind in that department, largely due to the fragmentation in various screen sizes of tablets.

Todd Haselton

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