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This Stunningly Realistic Morgan Freeman Picture is not a Photo

by Ron Duwell | December 7, 2013December 7, 2013 8:00 am PST

Morgan Freeman

iPad artist Kyle Lambert has a new fingerpainting of Morgan Freeman that would trick even the most dubious of pixel hunters into thinking it was real.

With over 200 hours of work and 285,000 brush strokes, Lambert’s digital piece of work is the most photorealistic created image we’ve ever seen. He used a brilliantly named image app called Procreate to complete his work.

Lambert also provided a time lapse video of the project alongside the image itself, just to show how much time and effort went into this.

What do you think? Kyle Lambert has an entire series of impressive and realistic images available on his YouTube account, but this is far and away his most impressive. What a better way to celebrate it than with such an iconic actor too. I’d like to see Morgan Freeman recreate the pose so we can see them side by side.

Kyle Lambert Cult of Mac

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