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President Obama Doesn’t Have an iPhone “For Security Reasons”

by Ron Duwell | December 7, 2013December 7, 2013 9:00 am PST


You would think the most powerful man in the world would be able to pick up the smartphone of his own choice, but apparently that is not so. President Barack Obama confirmed to a group of youths that he does not own an iPhone, nor is he allowed to “for security reasons.” He was quick to mention though that “his daughters love it.”

Rather than use an iPhone, the President has hung on tight to his BlackBerry for the past five years in office. In fact, he fought tooth and nail to keep it, setting a precedent of being the first President to use email during his terms in office.

Just to keep the record straight though, the President of the United still does use Apple products within the safety of the White House walls. He an his entire staff are allowed to use the iPad, which frequently pops up in official photos.

Reuters 9to5Mac

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