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Alleged Asus Padfone Mini Image Leaks Ahead of Dec. 11 Event

by Brandon Russell | December 7, 2013December 7, 2013 11:00 am PST


Asus hasn’t been much of a fixture this year, though it looks like the company is ready to head into 2014 with a bang. In an effort to capitalize on its neat Padfone series, and the burgeoning small tablet market, the Taiwanese company is prepping a 4.3-inch device that can dock with the shell of a 7-inch device, essentially giving users the flexibility of a phone and tablet in one. It’s in that odd space between the market’s obsession with phablets.

The company actually has an Asus Padfone Mini event scheduled for Dec. 11, so we’re getting a nice little glimpse before the device’s official unveiling. The design of both look as you’d expect, perhaps with a little more bezel than we’d have liked. However, Asus makes some of the most solid hardware out of any OEM working today, so we’d expect the Padfone Mini to feel quite nice when it launches. Unfortunately, it looks like the device will be targeted to Asian and European markets, so getting one here in the U.S. won’t be easy, or cheap.

Would you prefer something like this to a device like the Galaxy Note 3? Or are you happier with having a huge smartphone?


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