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Super Time Force Announced for the Xbox One

by Joey Davidson | December 6, 2013December 6, 2013 11:30 am PST

Capybara Games is currently working on two separate projects. Below is an Xbox One exclusive that was briefly shown off during Microsoft’s press conference at E3 this past June. You can see it in motion in the video at the head of this post.

Super Time Force was announced as an Xbox 360 title. You can see in the same video above that it’s coming to Xbox One as Capy shows them switching between titles within the new console’s UI. Yep, Capy will be bringing their 2D action time travelling and replicating shooter to more than just the Xbox 360.

The little studio shared news of Super Time Force‘s new console home on twitter. Here’s the tweet in question, complete with a sweet in-game screenshot for your viewing pleasure.

Super Time Force looks absolutely nuts. We’ve been following the game for a while, and you can check out a previous post with a most descriptive trailer here.

We’ll have more on Capy and their efforts as it comes.

Joey Davidson

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