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Flashback Friday: Space Jam Website

by Sean P. Aune | December 6, 2013December 6, 2013 11:00 pm PST

Someone at Warner Brothers really needs to go through the companies servers and do a clean out.

Space Jam was a 1996 movie that attempted to shoe horn the popularity of Michael Jordan in with the Looney Tunes. How, or why, anyone ever thought Jordan should team up with Bugs Bunny is beyond me, but it did indeed happen. The film was a financial and critical flop, and many people prefer to forget it ever happened, so that is what makes it so much funnier that the original promotional website of the film is still online nearly 18 years later.

Now, to be fair, web design was a very different beast back then. It isn’t exactly fair to be harsh on the actual construction of the site considering its age. What is fair, however, it to be blown away by how far web design has come. Of course that isn’t to say anything for some of the color choices which should have never been made, but that’s a whole different matter.

What makes this mystery a little odder is that there is a link on some pages to the Mars Attacks! promotional site, and those are indeed broken and the site no longer online. This makes me think that this site has actually been left here by accident as someone, somewhere in Warner Brothers simply forgot to fill out the deletion request form.

Sure you can go the The Wayback Machine and browse old site all day long, but there is something immensely more gratifying about finding one still out “in the wild.” Head on over and check out, trust me, it’s worth a few laughs.

Sean P. Aune

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