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Apple and Siri Spoofed in Steeri Driverless-Car Parody Video

by Jacob Kleinman | December 6, 2013December 6, 2013 12:30 pm EST

Google has generated plenty of buzz with its driverless car project, but what if Apple developed its own Siri-controlled alternative? Considering the digital assistant’s not-so-stellar reputation on iOS, you might not feel comfortable putting Siri in charge of your car. Well that’s exactly the inspiration for this hilarious parody commercial for Steeri from YouTube comedy duo Smart Department.

Steeri uses imaginary technology to take over any car wirelessly, disabling the physically steering wheel and pedals. The app then responds to voice commands, comically misinterpreting 25 mph as 25 meters per second before driving through a stop sign and even knocking over a garbage can. As the video ends, the car is being pursued by police though Steeri still refuses to give up control, leaving the human passenger powerless to stop it.

The video is a funny riff on Apple’s Siri as well as some of our own fears as a society over the future of driverless vehicles. Google’s own fleet of driverless cars have been well received so far though. A series of tests have shown the new vehicles are less prone to accidents than human drivers, and a survey by Cisco earlier this year revealed 57 percent of adults trust the technology.

Meanwhile, Apple has given no indication it’s designing a driverless car to compete with Google. Steve Jobs reportedly dreamed of designing an iCar at one point, though it likely would have been driver controlled. More recently, the company has partnered with automakers to integrate Siri and other iOS features into vehicle controls for navigation and passenger entertainment.

Jacob Kleinman

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