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Prescription Google Glass Leaked Online, But Quickly Pulled

by Jacob Kleinman | December 5, 2013December 5, 2013 3:30 pm PST

google glass perscription copy

Last night the Internet got its first look at what a prescription version of Google Glass might look like thanks to Google staffer Brian Matiash, who briefly shared a few photos on Google+ before quickly deleting them. Thankfully, someone managed to save two of his pictures, which shows what appears to be a potential design for prescription Glass.

The design basically takes Google Glass minus the part that wraps across your forehead and mashes it together with a simple pair of glasses. It definitely looks like the glasses were designed specifically to hold the wearable device though, so you’ll probably be stuck with whatever style Google chooses rather than your own personal preference.

There’s still no word when Google might release a prescription version of Google Glass or bring the wearable technology to the mass market. The fact that Matiash pulled the photos so quickly suggests it could be a while before that model gets an official launch. Then again, rumor has it Google will start selling Glass to regular consumers sometime next year, so it could possibly hit stores in the near future.

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Jacob Kleinman

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