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Xbox One’s NBA 2K14 Gives Technicals for Bad Language Heard by Kinect

by Joey Davidson | December 4, 2013December 4, 2013 1:00 pm PST

Warning: The video packs foul language and excessively loud screaming. Turn your speakers or headphones down for the noise. If swearing offends you or could offend those around you, don’t watch it at all.

When you’re on the virtual court in NBA 2K14 on the Xbox One, the system’s brand new Kinect is always listening. Just like the stripes in real life, the virtual ones can hear you drop f bombs in front of your TV.

Guess what… that’s a technical foul. As YouTube user randomfrankp found out in the video above, you’ll be slapped with a technical for foul language while playing NBA 2K14 on the Xbox One.

I personally do not have NBA 2K14, but I assume you can turn this off somewhere in the game’s menu. People are flying off the handle over this bad language listening feature. Honestly? If you can disable it, I think it’s hilarious. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if the developers at 2K did it for the laughs.

If you can’t disable it? Well, that’s really dumb. But, I have to believe you can switch this feature off. There’s no way you can’t. Can any readers with an Xbox One copy of NBA 2K14 confirm or deny?

What do you think of this technical foul for bad language? Hilarious or obnoxious? I’m going for both.

Joey Davidson

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