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Beats Music Paid Streaming Service Hopes to Launch in Jan. 2014

by Jacob Kleinman | December 4, 2013December 4, 2013 10:00 pm PST


Beats originally said it would launch its own music streaming service in 2013, but with the year quickly coming to an end AllThingsD reports that Beats Music won’t launch until Jan. 2014 at the soonest, citing “people familiar with the company.” Beats Music will compete with a growing list of music streaming services, but will reportedly offer an experience tailored to each individual and charge an upfront monthly fee unlike most services which offer both free and paid options.

There’s no official word on why Beats Music failed to launch in 2013, though AllThingsD offers several possible answers. Either the company simply pushed back the service’s release so it could continue to tweak and tinker, or it’s still trying to finalize a distribution deal with AT&T or another carrier. It’s also possible the company is still working to secure deals with the major record labels, often the final barrier in setting up this type of service.

Beats Music hopes to separate itself from the competition by offering music suggestions based on a listener’s likes and dislikes right off the bat, instead of dropping users into a new ecosystem and expecting them to piece together their own music library and playlists. When the service finally does launch it will likely attract interested users at least for a little while, though its rumored paywall may scare off some music lovers already spoiled by free ad-supported models like Spotify and iTunes Radio.


Jacob Kleinman

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