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PlayStation 4 Back In-Stock At Amazon (Update: Sold Out)

by Brandon Russell | December 3, 2013December 3, 2013 3:47 pm PST

PlayStation 4, PS4 logo

Just like that, the PlayStation 4 is—coincidentally? Probably not—in stock through Amazon. So which console is more worth your money? That depends on your individual tastes and platform allegiance, but it’s worth noting that Sony’s new console does start at $100 cheaper. Sony has already sold a ton of PlayStation 4 units worldwide, underlining just how crazed the launch was a few weeks back.

Like the Xbox One, Sony’s PS4 will certainly be a hard item to come by this holiday season, even if it doesn’t have that strong of a launch lineup. But next year? All I care about is Infamous: Second Son—that right there might be reason enough to jump on the Sony train early. We’re not sure how many units Amazon has in stock, so you better step through that next generation door as soon as possible.

Update: That didn’t take long: the PS4 is already sold out. Maybe next time.

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