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New Apple Patents Hint At Future Camera Improvements

by Brandon Russell | December 3, 2013December 3, 2013 2:00 pm PST

iPhone 5s Gold, Standing, Cameras

The latest specs in a phone are coveted by many users. But even more important is that device’s camera; we’ve seen companies put a lot of effort into bettering camera technology, with some excellent results this year in particular. The Lumia 1020 is one example, while the iPhone 5s is another. The latter of which could improve even more in the future, with some new filing by Apple hinting at some big features possibly in the pipeline.

The Cupertino company was recently granted multiple photo-related patents, ranging from stereoscopic images to a system for security face detection. Regarding the stereoscopic imaging, the patent describes a process that combines two separate but similar images to create an artificial sense of depth within the final photo—maybe to create something like the diorama effect. It sounds a lot like the Lytro-like patent Apple was granted last month, which allows users to refocus images that have already captured.

The other patent Apple was awarded is more on the security end, using a face detection system for user authorization. Think of it as Apple’s complement to Touch ID, though it’s not even clear if the iPhone maker will use face detection technology in future mobile handsets. Face detection in mobile for mobile is nothing new, especially as it relates to security, but as 9to5Mac suggests, the patent could have something to do with Apple’s recent acquisition of PrimeSense late last month.

While most people are likely just concerned with the quality of an overall photo, and not necessarily using fancy algorithms to manipulate focus and other aspects after-the-fact, it sure appears Apple is looking at ways to evolve the mobile photography experience. Nokia has already shown us a lot of terrific ways this can be accomplished, and now it’s Apple’s turn.


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