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Google Glass Gets an Official Google Play Music App

google glass play music app

Google Play Music, the search giant’s answer to streaming services like Spotify and Rdio, is finally available as an official app for Google Glass. The updated application showed up today in MyGlass, allowing early adopters to download Google Play Music.

Once the new app is turned on, you’ll have access to a new verbal command. Just say “OK Glass, listen to” and follow it up with whatever artist, album, song or playlists you’ve uploaded to the streaming service. You can also pick from the content available through Google Play Music All Access if you’re already a member.

Google Glass software engineer Stephen Lau notes online that if you couldn’t wait and already sideloaded Google Play Music you’ll need to uninstall it for the official Glass app won’t work. You can uninstall using the Android Debug Bridge.

We haven’t tried it for ourselves, but something tells us listening to your favorite songs using the bone-conducting speaker featured in Google Glass may not offer the best experience. If you own a second generation version of Glass you’ve already got one earbud built in, but if not you can always shell out another $85 for Google’s specially designed stereo earbuds. After all, that’s nothing compared to the $1,500 you’ve already spent buying the wearable device.

Jacob Kleinman

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