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Apple Patents Amazing Wireless Charging Hub Tech

There a plenty of smartphones on the market today that either support wireless charging with a little extra gear or come with the technology built right in. But Apple has steered clear of this particular feature, refusing to put the same technology into its own devices. That may change in the future though, based on a newly awarded patent describing a futuristic wireless charging hub that could power multiple devices at once.

The patent, first uncovered by Patently Apple, details a charger which uses near field magnetic resonance (NFMR) to power multiple devices at once without even touching them. One image in particular suggests the hub could charge your Mac, a wireless keyboard and mouse, as well as nearby iPhones, iPads and iPods. It’s also possible, based on these sketches, that future iMacs could come with the technology built into them, turning you computer into a wireless charger for all your Apple products.

If this is the future of Apple’s ecosystem we can hardly wait to see it released. We’re sick and tired of using tangled cords and cables all the time, and the idea of turning an entire room—or even just a part of it—into a wireless charging zone would be too cool to turn down. We definitely don’t expect Apple to roll out this technology anytime soon though. And even if the company released a wireless charging hub it would still need to update all its other product lines to work with the technology, unless it already has been all along that is.

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Jacob Kleinman

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