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Virtua Fighter Gets 20th Anniversary Site, News to Come

by Joey Davidson | December 2, 2013December 2, 2013 9:30 pm PST

It’s scary that this series is now 20 years old. Sega of Japan has launched a brand new website commemorating the 20th anniversary of Yu Suzuki’s Virtua Fighter.

Yep. 20 years have passed since this title first made its appearance in arcades before a string of middling ports to consoles and four direct sequels.

If you head into the blog section of the anniversary site, you’ll find a post announcing news of the milestone. In that post, there’s a single line that asks readers to stay tuned for a variety of news and content announcements.

The video at the top of this post is actually one of the first things you’ll see if you check out the Japanese site. Hearing the music and sound effects while watching this now stupidly retro fighter’s title screensaver is a blast of nostalgia that I wasn’t expecting to get this morning.

I loved Virtua Fighter 2 to pieces on my Sega Saturn. I have no idea how well this thing has held up, but I’m dying to find my old system and boot it up once more. If Sega is set to drop news of a remake or HD port, I’m already sold.


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