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Tumblr Introduces Sponsored Trending Posts for its Mobile App

by Jacob Kleinman | December 2, 2013December 2, 2013 10:30 am PST


Starting today, Tumblr is introducing yet another way for brands to buy views on the popular blogging platform. The Yahoo-owned company will sell daily sponsored spots in the “trending blogs” tab—which it claims is one of the most popular features of its mobile app—in an effort to further monetize the free service.

The company already has its first batch of sponsors onboard, including Calvin Klein, Delta, Fox and Sony Pictures—which will pay to promote a Daily Bugle blog as part of a viral marketing campaign for the latest Spider Man film. Tumblr will sell two trending blog slots at a time for a flat fee, with each sponsor appearing on the mobile site for an entire day. The only indication you’re looking at sponsored content will be a small dollar sign next to each paid unit.

Tumblr has been slowly rolling out different types of paid content since it was acquired by Yahoo! earlier this year. Companies can already pay for sponsored posts for both web and mobile, and now those same brands have yet another way to shove their content in front of our eyeballs. As free social media companies like Tumblr, Facebook and Twitter continue to seek out new ways to monetize their users we can expect to see more and more ads on our screens, though that’s still better than actually paying for access to your favorite websites.


Jacob Kleinman

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