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New Nintendo 3DS XL Bundle Features Mario & Luigi

by Joey Davidson | December 2, 2013December 2, 2013 4:35 pm PST

Mario and Luigi 3DS XL Bundle 2

Nintendo has unveiled yet another exclusive and limited edition bundle for the Nintendo 3DS. This time around, Nintendo of America is offering a Mario & Luigi themed edition.

The silver 3DS XL you see at the head of this post comes embossed with a simple image and a pre-installed copy of Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. The brotherly RPG from the Mario & Luigi line puts gamers in Luigi’s dreams. It’s a crazy title, though the tutorials can be a real turn-off.

Our own Ron Duwell reviewed the game before its release earlier this year.

The bundle itself will sell for $199, and it joins an already attractive slew of 3DS options. Personally? I still think the golden Zelda Nintendo 3DS XL coupled with A Link Between Worlds is a better option all around. It’s a better game and a much better looking system.

Still, if you’re a diehard Mario & Luigi fan, you’ll want to pick this one up. Check out the gallery of images for the game at the base of this post.

Are you getting a Nintendo 3DS this holiday? If so, which games are on the menu for you?

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