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God of War: Ascension Director Working at Crytek on Unannounced Game

by Joey Davidson | December 2, 2013December 2, 2013 11:00 pm PST

Todd Papy Twitter Bio

Crytek is working on an unannounced title that’s being directed by the former Game Director of God of War: Ascension.

The news of the unannounced Crytek game and the presence of Todd Papy as its Director comes from several locations. The clearest of which, of course, is his Twitter biography. You can also see the line in his LinkedIn profile as well, according to this screenshot.

I actually skipped God of War: Ascension, so I can’t personally speak to the end result of Papy’s directorial tenure on a given title. Those of you readers who have played GoW: Ascension, are you looking forward to this to-be-announced Crytek title?

Crytek, a studio typically known for shooters, dove into the third-person action genre with Ryse: Son of Rome, a game I didn’t particularly like. Hopefully the presence of a Game Director with a track record of efforts in that genre will give Crytek a nice shot of inspiration and creativity should they take on the genre once more.


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