Amazon Kindle Fire Ad Takes on iPad Air

Amazon recently started running new advertisements that suggest its Kindle Fire HDX is the better choice for consumers who are considering the iPad Air. It’s the latest attack on Apple’s products, though typically Microsoft is the one trying to show that its Surface tablets are better than Apple’s iPad.

In the commercial, Amazon notes that the Kindle Fire HDX has a higher pixel density than the iPad Air, with 1 million additional pixels, making it the top choice for media consumption and reading. In another point, Amazon highlights that its tablet is 20 percent lighter than the iPad Air. Finally, Amazon highlights the $379 price tag, which is cheaper than the iPad Air.

Amazon’s commercial is certainly fair game , especially since each of the points are true. The difference of course comes down to the ecosystem. While Amazon’s access to Android apps and the company’s huge array of multimedia are compelling reasons to buy the device, some consumers are simply more attracted to Apple’s ecosystem and operating system, not to mention the aluminum build of the iPad.

Check out the commercial, which we embedded above, for yourself.



Todd Haselton

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