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iPhone 5s and 5c Account for 76% of Smartphone Sales in Japan

by Ron Duwell | November 30, 2013November 30, 2013 9:00 am PST

DoCoMo iPhone

And people thought the iPhone was going to have trouble breaking into Japan. Apple has proven them all wrong now that the entire country is smitten with the device, and with the support of the largest provider, NTT DoCoMo, there is no telling how much bigger it can get.

According to a Twitter post from KWP Com_Tech Japan, 76 percent of smartphones sold in the month of October were either an iPhone 5s or an iPhone 5c. Although it was already popular from SoftBank and KDDI au, this surge in marketshare has been largely in thanks to NTT DoCoMo finally supporting the phone.

As Japan’s largest provider with over 63 million customers worldwide, NTT DoCoMo had the clout to hold out on the iPhone for this long, mostly due to Apple refusing pre-installed software on it.

The iPhone proved too popular, and its rivals had been gaining too much traction, with DoCoMo losing 68,000 subscribers in a single month. Once it finally came around, it promised that 40 percent of the new contracts it sold would come be done so with an iPhone. Set backs aside, it seems that NTT DoComo has clearly held up its end of the bargain, which accounted for 61 percent of the 76 percent total in October.

We’ve come full circle, and now that Japan’s largest phone company supports the most popular phone, it’s time to see how many of those who fled will come crawling on back.

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