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Microsoft Targets Apple Again with New Surface 2 Commercials

by Jacob Kleinman | November 27, 2013November 27, 2013 3:30 pm PST

surface 2 ipad air

Microsoft released two new commercials for the Surface 2 yesterday, falling back on its usual strategy of attacking Apple. This time the redesigned Windows RT tablet goes up against the iPad Air, and while these ads aren’t quite as laughable as Nokia’s recent snipes on Cupertino, Microsoft still comes across looking petty in its latest attempt to mock Apple.

The first commercial focuses on a somewhat bizarre topic: recipe apps. Microsoft argues that the most important feature a cooking app can offer is hands-free controls, which the Surface 2 supports with swiping air gestures. Apple’s new iPad does respond to voice commands, but as Microsoft notes the average kitchen may not be quiet enough for the tablet to catch when you’re saying. Microsoft wins this round, even if most consumers aren’t particularly focused on this one feature.

In a second ad, Microsoft touts the parental control options offered by the Surface 2. The device supports multiple accounts and even lets parents monitor usage, something the iPad can’t do. That’s a strong argument that may win over some parents, but for the rest of us it’s not very important.

If you’re deciding between these two devices we still recommend the iPad Air. Apple really understands how to make a great tablet, while Microsoft is still struggling to find the middle ground between full Windows software and the more restrictive Windows Phone platform. If you really want a Surface though, we’d go for the Surface Pro 2, which offers the full Windows experience instead of a watered-down version.

You can watch both of Microsoft’s new Surface 2 ads below.

Jacob Kleinman

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