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Microsoft Giving Free Game to Those Who Get a Faulty System

by Ron Duwell | November 26, 2013November 26, 2013 8:30 pm PST

Xbox One Dashboard - 1

Microsoft has acknowledged the hardware malfunctions of the Xbox One as several reports have come out that the console eats discs. To make due, not only will Microsoft be replacing the console and disc for free, but those with affected systems will be getting another free game as well.

Microsoft has made a statement in an email sent to customers confirming the free game, which is digital so nobody has to worry about it being destroyed again.

“While a replacement console is on its way, we want to ensure our advance exchange customers can stay in the game. We will provide each of them with a free digital download of one of the launch titles published by Microsoft Studios.”

Xbox One customers have reported they will receive a free choice of Dead Rising 3, Forza Motorsport 5, Ryse: Son of Rome or Zoo Tycoon.

So far, much like the PlayStation 4 and its issues, the Xbox One’s malfunction rate remains very low amongst the user base. We’ll wait and see how many more stories emerge from this and if it carries over into the holidays.

A free copy of Dead Rising 3 or Forza Motorsport 5 sounds like a nice exchange for the inconvenience.


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