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Google Street View Now Shows the Inside of 16 Airports and 50 Train Stations

Just in time for your flight back home for the holidays, Google Maps has rolled out a new feature for Street View, offering users the chance to take a virtual tour of select airports and train stations. The company suggests you use Street View to plan out your route through the airport ahead of time, though the new feature also gives you an opportunity to explore even more of the world without ever leaving your computer.

In total, Street View now shows the inside of 16 international airports—including the inside of some planes—50 train and subway stations, and a cable car station in Hong Kong. For now, the new service is mostly restricted to Western Europe and East Asia, though like everything else Google does we’re sure this feature will continue to expand and improve as time goes on.

If you’re planning on flying in or out of one of the airports on Street View, it can’t hurt to scope it out ahead of time, even if it’s just to figure out the quickest route from baggage check to security or from your gate to the Duty Free shop. And if you’re staying home this year, you can still use Google Street View to experience airports around the world from Madrid to Brazil.

You can check which locations are now covered by Street View using an interactive map via the source link below.

Jacob Kleinman

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