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Google Offering $25 Google Play Credit with Nexus 7 Purchase

by Brandon Russell | November 26, 2013November 26, 2013 11:00 pm PST

Google-Chromecast With USB

Google this week is joining in on the holiday sale frenzy, offering up a few small deals when you buy a Chromecast or Nexus 7—or both. The search giant has been sending out Google Play emails, with full explanations of what each deal offers. Neither deal will blow anyone’s hair back, but they’re both designed to add some nice incentive to each product, which will likely be hot items during the holiday season.

Chromecast, while still relatively limited, is one of the best choices for streaming media, offering users the ability to stream content from services such as YouTube, Netflix, Hulu Plus and more. When you purchase the little dongle, Google is offering buyers an HD movie, free of charge. The Chromecast itself is estimated to ship within 1 – 2 business days of purchase, and you’ll receive the movie offer once the unit itself is shipped out. Whether you have a smartphone, tablet, or laptop, Chromecast is one of the easier devices to user, and simply plugs into the back of your TVs HDMI port.

On the flip side, Google is also offering $25 of Play credit with a purchase of the Nexus 7 (any model, new or old, is eligible). The device is already competitively priced as it is, at $229 for the newest model with the sharper screen and revamped design. But adding that extra $25 will allow Nexus 7 buyers to splurge on movies, app or books—as long as it’s available in Google Play. Each item is being offered with free shipping, so better act quick if you want to gift yourself (or someone you know), with something nice from Google. You can even keep the added free movie or credit for yourself.

The Nexus 7 also has an estimated ship time of 1 – 2 days, so you should have no problems getting the device in time for the holidays. Combined, you’ll be spending about $270 plus tax, but then you get $25 credit and a free movie on top of that. The offers will only be available for a limited time, meaning you should hurry up and purchase them now before the holiday rush passes through.

Chromecast Nexus 7

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