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Nokia Lumia 2520 Ad Tries to Mock iPad But Fails

by Todd Haselton | November 25, 2013November 25, 2013 6:00 pm PST

Nokia’s Lumia 2520 tablet is pretty great, don’t get us wrong, but we’re not quite sure Nokia’s getting its message across just right by attacking the iPad in a new ad. Go figure, though, since Microsoft has been doing the same thing ever since it launched the Surface.

The new ad, which Nokia published on YouTube today, spends about one minute and 17 seconds showing a device that looks strikingly similar to an iPad, but failing at everything. The star of the clip finds that he can’t do any work on the tablet, so he has to pull out his laptop. Then his battery dies, and again he reaches for his laptop, but doesn’t pull it out for fear of embarrassing himself in front of a beautiful woman. Then, finally, he sees the woman carrying a Nokia Lumia 2520, which ultimately comes with a free version of Office and, seemingly, with a keyboard. There’s a problem, though.

First, the Lumia 2520 keyboard isn’t sold with the device in the same way a keyboard isn’t packaged with an iPad, though there are keyboards available for both. Second, the iPad has pretty solid battery life, at least on par with what we’ve already seen from the Lumia 2520. So, ultimately, while we think both devices are great, we don’t really understand where Nokia was trying to go with this commercial. Both points are easily invalidated.

We’re seriously starting to wonder if the folks out in Redmond have ever used an iPad, since these commercials are continuously so far off of the mark.

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