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Google Glass Mirror API Now Available to All Developers

by Todd Haselton | November 25, 2013November 25, 2013 3:00 pm PST


If you’re an amateur developer, or maybe just a developer who doesn’t want to drop $1,500 on a pair of Google Glass, you can now access the APIs for the platform without even owning a pair.

Google took to its official Google Developers page over the weekend and said it’s now time for everyone to start work on development for new Google Glass apps that use the public API. It’s a great idea, too, because we imagine there are tons of developers who want to give the platform a try, perhaps just out of curiosity or perhaps before they decide there’s enough of a reason to buy a set of Google Glass or develop for the platform.

We imagine this could enable lots of indie developers with the ability to add support for smaller applications, since we assume a lot of the big development houses already have a pair of Google Glass and access to the API. As Tech Crunch notes, keep in mind that this is different from the Glass Development Kit that provides direct access to the Google Glass hardware controls.

This is definitely a step forward, especially as we continue to move towards an expected public consumer release of Google Glass. As the API is available to more developers, we can expect additional apps, and a more robust platform when Google Glass finally lands on retail store shelves.

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