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Google Chromecast Arrives at Walmart for $35

by Jacob Kleinman | November 25, 2013November 25, 2013 10:00 pm PST

Google-Chromecast Size Comparison

The Chromecast is now available from Walmart for $35, adding to the growing list of retailers selling the media streaming device. Google’s HDMI stick is also available from Google Play, Amazon, Best Buy and Motorola for $35 across the board, though retailers like Best Buy will be offering it at a discount on Black Friday.

Google offers an alternative to competing set-top box devices, including the Roku and Apple TV, letting you stream video content directly from your smartphone or tablet. The Chromecast’s biggest advantage over its competition—besides its price—is the ability to stream anything from your Chrome browser onto your TV, letting you look through photos or just surf the Internet on a big screen. Overall, the Chromecast is a solid device with unlimited potential as more content providers continue to jump onboard.

With the holiday shopping season just days away, the Chromecast will make a great and affordable gift for anyone who loves watching TV and movies. Here’s hoping Walmart drops the price even further this week for Black Friday.


Jacob Kleinman

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