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Amazon’s Holiday Video Game Sales Calendar Revealed

by Ron Duwell | November 25, 2013November 25, 2013 10:00 am PST


Amazon has revealed its video game sales calendar with sales on huge hits lasting all week.

It starts pretty slowly with discounts on DMC: Devil May Cry, Skylanders and Game of the Year Editions for Borderlands 2 and Batman: Arkham City.

Not until Thursday do sales really pick up with more exciting releases like Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 REmix, Saints Row IV: Commander in Chief Edition, Metro Last Light and Grand Theft Auto V. Don’t expect supplies to last on this day, because there are some huge hits.

Black Friday closes out this week with Rayman Legends on all platforms and a few other deals.

Expect a lot of reloading to be going on Amazon’s website during these days. Anybody else going to have wallets and bank accounts feeling the pain this week? I know mine are.

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