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Radiation Proof Undergarments Now Available in Japan

by Ron Duwell | November 24, 2013November 24, 2013 10:00 am PST

Japan Radiation Underwear (2)

If you haven’t been following worldly issues recently, you might have missed that a highly dangerous project is currently underway at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Reactor Unit #4 in Japan. Heart of the current nuclear disaster, the fuel rods are being moved manually from their current dangerous location, where the building is collapsing and ground beneath it is sinking, to a relatively safe location for storage.

The delicate operation is one of the most important and potentially hazardous events in human history, and one mistake could lead to more nuclear catastrophe in the open air and have serious effects on the environment all over the planet.

While the world watches and holds its breath for the year-long operation to complete, Japan has its own solution for keeping its population safe: radiation underwear to keep reproductive organs safe from deadly radiation.

Japan Radiation Underwear (1)

Radiation proof underwear has been created by the Yamamoto Corporation, traditionally a maker of swimwear. The new briefs will protect all organs in the region as well as the lower spine and abdomen from harmful gamma radiation thanks to a built in layer of lead.

Guaranteeing further protection is another layer of dry-suit designed to block out beta-rays and keep direct contact from radioactive material. All of these pieces fuse together in a seamless suit designed to keep you and your future loved ones safe from impending doom.

The dry-suit will sell for $1,072 USD and the lead briefs come for an additional $825 USD. Is $2,000 USD worth the asking price to save you and your future loved ones in a time of nuclear crisis?

In all seriousness though, the company is designing the suits to protect the lives of workers braving the situation on the forefront. The team deals with frequent contaminated water leaks and has to survive in a hostile environment. I hope these suits can help get the job done for their sake and for the sake of the world.

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