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Amazon Working On Next-Gen Paperwhite With Sharper Display, Better Design

by Brandon Russell | November 24, 2013November 24, 2013 9:00 am PST

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite-Screen

Amazon only just released a revamped Kindle Paperwhite last month, and early rumors are already beginning to swirl about a newer model. According to sources speaking with TechCrunch, Amazon is working on another Kindle Paperwhite that will focus entirely on improving the device’s hardware: screen, design, etc. No major software improvements are planned, though the device is said to feature new typography. The new model is expected to sport a high resolution 300 ppi screen, making text look even sharper than it does already.

To go along with a sharper display, the device will also reportedly feature a number of other hardware improvements, more in line with the look and feel of Amazon’s latest Kindle Fire HDX. TechCrunch allegedly saw a prototype, saying that the front screen, which is now made out of glass, is flush with the edges of the device, rather than being recessed. Despite the different design and glass display, the new model will be even lighter than the current model, which is already a featherweight.

Apparently, Amazon was upset when Kobo released its Aura HD earlier this year, so the online retailer immediately got to work in an effort to outdo the competition. If all goes according to plan, the device will be available in early Q2 of next year. In addition to the sharper display, the device will supposedly feature “squeezable” buttons, as opposed to “split” buttons, that will provide haptic feedback when activated. As TechCrunch surmises, the new implementation makes it easier for users to change pages, and not have to reach up to the Paperwhite’s “next page” zone.

Finally, the Paperwhite will sport an ambient light sensor, and adjust the screen depending on the light in the room. “The system gradually adjust light in timing with the way an average person’s retina expands or contracts in order to prevent jarring transitions,” TechCrunch said. The device essentially sounds like a tablet with e-reader aspirations; it seems Amazon wants to leave no doubt that its Paperwhite is the undisputed e-reader on the market.

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