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Supposed Samsung Galaxy S5 Metal Frame Pops Up As Production Begins

by Brandon Russell | November 22, 2013November 22, 2013 10:30 am PST

The above pictures aren’t much, but a report attached to the images claim it’s the frame to Samsung’s Galaxy S5, which is expected to employ higher end materials when it launches next year. With an alleged spring launch timeframe—the Galaxy S4 launched back in April of this year—early production could very well be ramping up.

The images supposedly came out of a source who’s working for a Samsung subcontractor , which has been tipped to make the Korean company’s next big flagship. Samsung this year released its strongest ever smartphone, the Galaxy S4, but one main gripe people had was its build quality, especially compared with devices such as the HTC One and iPhone 5 or iPhone 5s. The plastic build isn’t as bad as many people make it out to be—Samsung still makes terrific phones—but it’s nice to hear that the company is considering a change.

A metal frame certainly doesn’t confirm that the Galaxy S5 will sport different materials, but we’ve already heard rumors that production was expected to start by the end of this year. Beyond that, we heard as far back as June that Samsung was thinking of ditching plastic for an aluminum body, so the pieces certainly appear to be lining up. Phandroid

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