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Apple’s “Life on iPad” Website Describes Six Amazing Uses for iPad

by Ron Duwell | November 22, 2013November 22, 2013 9:00 am PST

ipad windmill

Apple has a new mini-website called Life on iPad aimed at showing off the ways holiday shoppers can improve their lives by buying one of its famed tablets.

Six stories from everyday people show how an iPad helped enhanced their hobbies or professions thanks to its unobtrusive design and efficient processing. Balancing the blade on sky-high windmills, perfecting the posture of an Olympic speed skater, making a vintage wine and choreographing a Broadway musical are all use-case scenarios described in the stories.

Take for example Dr. Itaru Endo, Director of Digestive Surgery and Liver Transplatation at Yokohama City University, and his story of how he saves the school half a million dollars by using an iPad in life-saving liver surgery.

“We use an iPad app to overlay 3D blood vessels and blood flow areas during surgery, giving us more patient information in the operating room,” says Dr. Itaru Endo, Director of Digestive Surgery and Liver Transplatation at Yokohama City University. “The visualization of liver blood vessels puts surgeons at ease, and it helps to ensure that the right incisions are made at the right time.”

The people behind these testimonials have found many incredible and original ways to incorporate the iPad into their lives in ways that not even Apple had imagined.

It’s an incredible read with some fascinating ways as to how tablets, and the iPad specifically, are bound to be the future centerpiece of just about any activity. Do you have any impressive stories to match these worthy of Apple’s Life on iPad website?


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