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Judge Orders Samsung To Pay Apple $290 Million In Damages For Patent Infringement

by Brandon Russell | November 21, 2013November 21, 2013 4:00 pm PST


Following a jury decision, Judge Koh on Thursday ordered Samsung to pay $290 million in damages for infringing on Apple patents. The ruling comes in a retrial that began last week, and saw Samsung accuse Apple of racial bias.

Last year, a jury initially ruled that Samsung owed Apple a little over $1 billion for copying the Cupertino company’s iPhone, but the amount was later cut down to $600 million before a retrial to determine a separate amount was set. Apple had been seeking over $380 million in damages, while Samsung tried to argue a case for $53 million; today’s $290 ruling means Samsung is currently on the hook for $890 million in total for infringing on Apple’s patents.

During the retrial, Apple argued that Samsung’s willful infringement lead to consumer confusion, and even lead some to question Apple’s designs. Now that a final amount has been set—both sides can appeal—hopefully this means one of the biggest patent lawsuits can finally be put to bed.


Brandon Russell

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