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Instagram for Windows Phone Now Available Without In-App Photo Capture (Updated)

The day is finally here! Windows Phone users can finally download and use a Beta version of Instagram, instead of relying on copycat third-party applications. Oh wait, not really.

You can’t actually take pictures or videos from within the application just yet (Ed: You can, see note below) , which means you’ll have to snap a picture, then open Instagram, then upload it. What a roundabout way of doing things. It also doesn’t support video uploads yet.

“We’re not finished, and our team will continue developing the Windows Phone app to keep releasing features and bringing you the best Instagram possible,” Instagram told The Verge. Maybe Facebook should have just left it in the oven for a while, considering it’s been about three years since it hit other platforms anyway.

Now Microsoft has an even harder question to answer. Originally, Windows Phone users simply had to accept that the company is slower than anyone to deliver high-quality and in-demand apps to its market place. Now, it has to explain to users why they should accept inferior applications, too. What a mess.

Update: Even though Instagram went on the record saying you can’t take photos within the app, you indeed can. First tap the camera icon, which brings you to your camera roll, then tap it again to access the camera. Was Instagram unaware this existed?


Todd Haselton

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