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Microsoft Releases Office Remote App for Windows Phone 8

by Jacob Kleinman | November 19, 2013November 19, 2013 11:30 am PST

office remote windows phone 8

Microsoft released a new Windows Phone 8 app today geared towards turning your handset into a remote control for business presentations. Office Remote lets you control PowerPoint, Excel, Word and any other Office programs right from your phone, though it doesn’t work with Windows RT or any versions of the software released before 2013.

Office Remote also lets you quickly jump between different programs and documents, and even includes an on-screen laser pointer you can control using your finger. The app is available for free starting today through the Windows Phone Store, though you’ll need to install additional software on your PC, which also has to be Bluetooth-compatible.

According to Bill Buxton from Microsoft Research, Office Remote represents a first step in the company’s efforts to offer a fully functioning ecosystem across a “diverse society of devices” that seamlessly work together to make your life easier. The company says it’s looking forward to user feedback on the new app as it moves towards the “One Microsoft” vision introduced by Steve Ballmer.

Jacob Kleinman

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