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iPhone 5s Shipping Estimates Improve to 3-5 Days

by Ron Duwell | November 19, 2013November 19, 2013 9:00 am PST

Apple Shipping Times

Apple has been dealing with some supply problems with the iPhone 5s, but as time goes by it is having less and less of an issue keeping up with the demand. Delivery estimates have fallen to an all time low at 3-5 business days, and just in time for the holidays, too.

It’s a much better scenario than at launch, when shipping times started off at 2-3 weeks anywhere in the world, and the previous expected delivery estimate which was set at 1-2 weeks. Now if ordered on a Monday, you can potentially have your iPhone 5s in hand before the weekend extravaganza begins.

The new delivery estimates cover the United States, Canada, Mexico and Asia Pacific region. European estimates have not yet been dropped.

The new 3-5 day period pales in comparison to the iPhone 5c’s excellent 24-hour shipping, but this is definitely a step in the right direction, especially during the busiest shopping time of the year.

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