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Google Provides Early Look At Glass Development Kit

by Brandon Russell | November 19, 2013November 19, 2013 7:00 pm PST

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At an event in San Francisco on Tuesday, Google released its new Glass Development Kit (GDK), a set of tools that allow developers to create experiences without relying on the cloud. In addition to alerting users when new emails, calls and notifications come streaming in, developers can build app experiences that revolve around ongoing tasks. By tapping into the hardware without a connection, apps can access things like the GPS and gyroscope. It’s more like putting a smartphone on your head, and less like creating a complementary companion device.

Google’s Timothy Jordan explained that the new GDK will give Android developers deeper and easier access to Glass’s hardware. For example, developers will have more flexibility when bringing up cards in the live area, allowing apps to continually update as long as they’re running. In addition, Google is placing emphasis on making Glass more immersive, ensuring that a specific app has your undivided attention. On a phone, it’s like jumping into something like an email app, which then has tasks you can perform within that app. When apps become more immersive, Glass’s timeline will fade into the background, allowing owners to gesture their way throughout the app itself.

Google has an almost 40 minute video demonstrating what its Glass Development Kit is all about, including apps from AllTheCooks and Spellista. In addition, you get a sneak peak at how Glass can provide real-time tracking during bike rides, or a heads-up display for statistics for golfers. Google’s GDK will rely on developers to really showcase Glass’ potential, so there’s certainly much more to come from the search giant’s face computer. Google said the GDK will be familiar to Android developers, meaning building new apps should be a cinch. Anyone with Google Glass can check out the new apps today via the MyGlass app.


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