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Oppo VP Resigns to Work More Closely with Cyanogen Inc

by Jacob Kleinman | November 18, 2013November 18, 2013 2:00 pm PST

cyanogen steve kondik pete lau oppo

CyanogenMod creator Steve Kondik has been making big moves recently after promising to turn his Android ROM into its own competing operating system. Since then he’s released an official Google Play app and teamed up Chinese company Oppo to release the first smartphone running his software out of the box. Now, it looks like Kondik may team up with former Oppo VP Pete Lau to create his own hardware as well.

Last week, Kondik and co-CyanogenMod developer Koushik Dutta met with Lau, posting a photo on Google+ (above) and revealing the subject of their meeting.

“We began discussing our vision for a phone that would fuse truly amazing software with the highest quality hardware available,” Kondik wrote. “Together, we’re setting out to create that product. Stay tuned.”

Now Lau has left his job at Oppo, according to Engadget, suggesting that he may start an OEM with Cyanogen’s creators. It’s unclear if the new company will be completely separate from Oppo or remain as a subsidiary of the Chinese phone-maker, though our guess is it’s the former. We’re excited to see what the Cyanogen team cooks up.

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