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Netflix Saves The Killing for a Fourth Season

by Sean P. Aune | November 17, 2013November 17, 2013 12:00 pm EST

Netflix The Killing

Netflix is once again stepping in to shake up the world of television by rescuing the recently canceled AMX series The Killing for a final season.

AMC’s The Killing has had a mixed history that saw it canceled after its second season in July 2012, but in August of that year, Fox television, which owns the series, announced that it was talking with DirecTV and Netflix about carrying on with it. Apparently this prompted AMC to rethink its stance, and in Nov. 2012 it was announced it would return in 2013 for a third season. Once that run of episodes concluded, the series was once again canceled and it looked like the series was done for good this time.

Enter a tweet from Netflix on Nov. 15.

Once again Netflix has stepped in to save a cult favorite series for additional episodes just as it did with Arrested Development earlier this year. This fourth season is reportedly only going to consist of six episodes and will indeed be the final installment of the series.

Netflix has said it plans to increase its spending on original programming in 2014, and while you would have thought the recent announcement of four series based on Marvel characters would have drained a lot of that budget, apparently there was still some left over for at least one fan base to receive answers to dangling questions.

You do have to wonder as Netflix continues to grow if we will ever see a time where networks add clauses to their contracts about whether or not a show can be shopped around after its cancellation to services such as this. Perhaps a 12 month window that would keep them from shopping around to alternate distribution. There has been no rumors of such a thing happening, but you do have to wonder if it might happen some day. Streaming media is definitely starting to put a hurt on traditional distribution, and at some point the networks will indeed have to sit up and take notice.

For now, congrats to the fans of The Killing. It looks as though you will get a conclusion.

Sean P. Aune

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