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Buffalo Gear: Jawbone UP24 Goes Wireless

by Brandon Russell | November 17, 2013November 17, 2013 5:00 pm PST


Whenever a new fitness tracker comes out, I always tell myself I’m finally going to get one. I tell myself it’s time to get in shape, time for me to take control. It never happens. But with Nike, Fitbit and even Adidas all out with new trackers, there’s certainly no shortage of options, so I really have no excuses. Following the announcement of Jawbone’s latest activity tracker, the UP24, I think I finally found my first wearable device.

Similarly designed to Jawbone’s other UP devices, the new UP24 is a minimalist bracelet that uses sensors to track everything you do throughout the day, whether it’s walking, sitting or even sleeping. Unlike the company’s other products, however, UP24 connects via Bluetooth, which allows users to transmit data to an iOS app—an Android app is supposed to come later. The addition of Bluetooth support means UP24 can sync with the app wirelessly and in the background, though it still maintains excellent battery of about seven days.

But beyond constant syncing, the app is capable of coaching you throughout the day, too, in conjunction with UP24. So, for example, it’ll remind you about daily goals, encourage you to sleep earlier, use smart alarms to wake you up and tell you to get up and move if you sit a lot during the day. Of course, Jawbone’s bread and butter has always been about providing detailed insights as to how your day went, and the new app experience is even better. If you’re in an office all day and barely get up to move around, a wearable tracker might be a nice reminder to get up and move every once and awhile.

If you do decide upon a fitness tracker, you have to commit yourself—devices like the UP24 take care of the rest, giving you gentle reminders and making it easy to see what you did that day, week, or month. The new UP24 is a little more expensive, at $150, but with the holidays just around the corner—that means food, food, and more food—now’s the perfect time to finally pick a tracker up. I’m ready.


Brandon Russell

Brandon Russell likes to rollerblade while listening to ACDC.