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The Last of US “Left Behind” DLC Stars Ellie From Beginning to End

by Ron Duwell | November 15, 2013November 15, 2013 5:30 pm PST

Ellie has proven to be a prominent figure in the eyes of The Last of Us‘ fanbase. Naughty Dog’s narrative masterpiece took her and Joel to Hell and back and watched them emerge on the other side with a veil draped ending still leaving many fans scratching their heads.

Earlier in the game, Ellie mentions a friend named Riley she once had who sadly succumbed to the infection which plagues the planet. Both characters were bitten, but Ellie’s immunity saved her life. Riley was not so lucky, and this is her story.

The new storyline DLC pack, “Left Behind,” sees the return of actress Ashley Johnson as Ellie. Both her and Riley team up in an early adventure together, which will leave me guessing that this is the last time the two friends will meet.

Since Ellie already spoiled the ending of this DLC pack in the main game’s plot, much of the emotional pull will be coming to terms with this doomed friendship, knowing that a sad ending is inevitable. Unlike the main story, which leaves Joel’s ultimate decision a mystery, poor Riley has no hope. Bad things will happen, and you’ll know that every step of the way.

Not only will the story provide a reason to push forward, but the gameplay also puts Ellie back in the spotlight. Hopefully she finds a bow and arrow because her chapter in The Last of Us was one of the most fluid and entertaining of the bunch.

Riley will be played by actress Yaani King. An early PlayStation 3 2014 release is set, and Left Behind will cost $14.99. It also becomes available in the Season Pass.

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