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Google Pop-Up Shows Opening Across U.S. Through Dec. 22

google winter wonderlab

Google is gearing up for the holiday season with a handful of pop-up shops across the U.S. called Winter Wonderlabs. There are six locations in all, opening in NY, NJ, DC, Chicago, LA and Sacramento, where you can check out some of the company’s latest products.

Inside each Wonderlab you’ll find Google’s new Nexus 7 tablet, the Chromecast media streamer and the latest Chromebooks—though we have a feeling the HP Chromebook 11 may not be on display—for you to try out. Unfortunately the Nexus 5 is missing from Google’s pop-up stores, as is Google Glass.

Google’s slow push into retail has been contained to Best Buy kiosks and the online Play Store in the past, but as the company rolls out more devices to complement its services it’s beginning to take bolder steps into the market. It may not be able to compete with Apple’s flashy stores, but Google’s latest effort is still impressive.

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