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Google Play Music for iPhone Now Available

Google Play Music is now available for the iPhone in 21 countries, which means subscribers to Google’s streaming music service can finally take their tunes with them.

Subscribers to the monthly service can stream songs directly from Google Play Music, which means full access to custom radio stations, albums, artists, playlists and more, though users can’t purchase songs individually from the iOS app. That’s not a huge deal, considering that’s the entire point of a subscription. All Access Music costs $9.99 per month, though some users were able to take advantage of an early $7.99 monthly deal when it first launched.

As for why it took so long for Google Play music to launch on iOS? Google toldĀ The Verge that it took longer than expected for the application to get up to the “level of polish expected from Play Music and iOS Apps,” and Google had to spend some time working on kinks related to streaming and Chromecast integration, Google said. Google also toldĀ 9to5Mac that an iPad version is in the works, too.

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