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Delaware Apple Store Sells More iPhones than Any Other in the World

by Ron Duwell | November 15, 2013November 15, 2013 8:00 pm PST

Delaware Apple Store

Besides Senior Gaming Editor Joey Davidson and myself, what good has ever come out of the state of Delaware? Well, over 60% of corporations and this place called “America” for one thing, but that’s besides the point.

Our state might not be the most noticeable on the map or relevant in discussions about interesting places to visit, but one thing we do right is cheap shopping.

0% sales tax is a big thing for people who live in Delaware. Border dwellers in Pennsylvania and Maryland enjoy mooching on our good deal for everyday needs, and even Apple has found that success in Delaware comes rather cheap. Tax free shopping at the Christiana Mall in Newark, Del. has led the Apple Store there to be the best selling place for iPhones in the world.

Delaware is home to nearly 1 million people, but it is surrounded by huge cities like Philadelphia, New York City, Baltimore, Washington D.C. and Atlantic City. Apparently the cost of gasoline and tolls is less than what one would pay on consumption tax in their hometowns because people from all over the Mid-Atlantic come to this mall just to pick up an iPhone.

“We sell more iPhones than anyone.” employees say, “The only store that does more volume is the glass box on Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue and that is open 24 hours a day. But no one sells more phones than we do.”

Though Apple does not confirm specific store sales figures, store managers at the Christiana Mall location informed employees of this feat.

Not only do these people get to buy a cheaper iPhone, but they also get to spend a lovely day in Delaware with our…umm…our…Give me a minute here. Umm…


Well, you get to say you took an exit off I-95 in Delaware, and that is a claim most people can’t make.

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