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Nokia’s Rumored Moneypenny and Goldfinger Windows Phone 8.1 Devices Detailed

by Jacob Kleinman | November 14, 2013November 14, 2013 3:00 pm PST


With Windows 8.1 successfully launched, Microsoft’s next big software release is bound to be a much-needed upgrade for Windows Phone 8. Whether the new OS will be called Windows Phone 8.1, Windows Phone Blue or something else entirely is unclear, but according to the latest rumors Nokia is already developing two smartphones for the platform with some pretty cool new features.

According to The Verge, Goldfinger will be a flagship Windows Phone 8.1 device and may include a new “3D Touch” feature from Nokia allowing you to scroll, flip and navigate through the device without actually touching the screen. Moneypenny, meanwhile, is likely a budget-friendly model, based on Nokia’s recent history or releasing complimentary high and low-end devices at the same time. We love Nokia’s new James Bond theme, but Goldfinger and Moneypenny are almost certainly code names for the devices.

The long-rumored update to Windows Phone 8 is expected to feature a notification center and improved multitasking. Microsoft is also expected to debut a cross-platform digital assistant to compete with Siri and Google Now, allegedly codenamed Cortana. According to The Verge, Microsoft may unveil Windows Phone 8.1 as soon as February 2014 at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

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