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BlackBerry Messenger Launches for iPad and iPod Touch

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Not long after launching BlackBerry Messenger to a wider audience, and gaining a ton of users in the process, BlackBerry on Thursday released an update to support the iPad and iPod touch. Unfortunately, it looks like there isn’t an iPad-optimized interface just yet, which means the iPhone version that’s already out has basically just blown up to fit the larger display.

At the end of last month, just 24 hours after launching BBM for iOS and Android, the service’s monthly active user count ballooned up to 80 million people—20 million of those were from new iOS and Android users alone. With wider availability today, that figure will likely climb quite a bit more. No word on when BBM will be available for Android tablets, such as the Nexus 7, though the app for Android did get updated today with bug fixes and enhancements.