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Apple Demands Samsung Pay $380 Million In Damages Over Patent Dispute

by Brandon Russell | November 13, 2013November 13, 2013 6:00 pm PDT


Apple says it wants Samsung to hand over $380 million in damages for infringing on its patents. The lofty sum follows up on the $600 million initially awarded last year. The two companies rendezvoused back in court this week to resolve one of the largest patent trials in history. In August of last year, Apple officially won over $1 billion in its ongoing suit with Samsung, but the damages were eventually reduced.

Eight jurors are to deliberate and determine how much Samsung owes Apple for infringing on five of Apple’s patents related to design and functionality. Apple landed on the $380 million figure by calculating lost profits, Samsung’s profits and royalties owed. According to Apple attorney Harold McElhinny, Samsung sold over 10 million infringing devices, leading to about $3.5 billion in revenue. “That money should have gone to Apple,” McElhinny said during opening statements.

Jurors are expected to deliberate over a final amount in the coming weeks; another trial is slated to kick off in March. The two companies have agreed to hold settlement talks and send in a proposal by January 8. Samsung is on the hook for the $600 million amount, but the new jury is meant to decide how much more Samsung owes.


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